'08 It's Going Around


Accidently stubbled on a crazy memory

Some part I never wanted to believe

A pain that I forever longed to go away

ruining what was and what was okay

I can't even sit and watch a movie

Every scene ends up romantically

In horror I think of nice things

and nice things end up boring

There are times when I really wished

As much as I care, wish it didn't exist

Wish I never knew what it felt like

wished it was never sensed in my life

I am, in the moment alone you see

But times like this will not let me be

Lurks for awhile, but I always prevail

Won't dwell what I can't see, but avail

In the end, for me, its caused nothing but grief

emotional suffering tug of war longing for relief

In life, I believe it really is somewhat needed

It was just me that it was mean too

because I just happen to really mistreat it...

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