'08 Away to Heal


When I'm away, I feel a pain unsoothed

Strongly increasing, throbbing with time

I do hope it will all go away soon

because when around you, I feel fine

Our moments were unusually quiet

becoming worse with time

Hoping the silence would eventually end

Though being around you, I'd seem alright

I really did appear like I was "out of it"

and it showed with time

Alone I can't handle; you know, so you didn't quit

Stay with me, just tell me I'll be fine

I know you don't hurt with me, why should you...

It's a hysterical phase ruining our time

This interruption burdens my life with you

You do not have to, but you love being mine

Away from you I am, living apart without you

Years seem long though get close the best we can

You'd notice if I stopped being crazy about you

Surely distance won't stop us from being together again

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