'07 More Than A Natural Woman: Fix

Entering charted domain just like you have before

Remember, you will leave, knowing you want more

Hear out those far cries and breath-taking moans

Sliding against the walls, you are in and you own

Deeper within you go, becoming hard, unable to see

Heavily breathing, sweating, faster your heart beats

Loving, you have become, relaxed... calmer

You rub your way back, no pressure

Gently, slowly, heat rises feeling enclosed

Throbbing head sensation, like it's going to explode

A tight squeeze, but you manage to evacuate towards the light

Low and high pitched sounds from all directions as you eject outside

Exhausted, knowing you have been here before

Panting, knowing that you are bracing for more

More of an earned path, a route which requires daily visitations

Not for you to release, but, to also satisfy her inner dimensions.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

leave me alone!

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