'07 My Vented Fate

-Some Kind of Love

To me, Love is more than a pretty face

More than a sex episode in many ways

I adore her for every minute I could

Savored her feelings like a man should

How I can write about her IS one thing

Knowing that my heart is soaring..is another

"Soft hands, cushion skin, warm lustrous liquids

soon to be secreted with hot gentle kisses..."

Yes, I wrote those phrases everyday

Yes, I loved everything you had to say

I'd cry in happiness to hold you so damn close

In love we were hugging so everyone knows

Typical friends would ask why that specific woman...

"Why do you need that one if there are better ones?"

"Why do you want to be with a woman at all?"

"They will eventually break you and watch you fall"

It isn't a need but I can't ignore

It is more of a nurturing comfort

A comfort I'd rather not deal alone

her body next to me than on the phone

I rather deal with a warm heart

with aspects so compassionate,

so soft, that not even the queen of fiber

can live up to her voice whispering in my ear

soothing away my rough fears of loneliness

ridding anxious palpataions of loves detest...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I did not like it but I posted the thing anyway. So in short I wrote, "That's a nice light pole over there. I love the way it looks. I think I'll wrap myself around it..."

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