'07 It Was Painless


I don't want to breathe anymore

I think I'll find a way to blow up my heart

It's useless when it comes to emotions

Even if it did have feelings,

it'd just be boring to be around

nothing left to live for

I'm going to sit here an die

Why do I try making others happy?

Why do I bother worrying about their lives?

I'm killing myself inside because I care to much

I kill myself when I fail at someone's problem

It's good not to have people around

They don't have to see me go through this

My heart hurts

My head doesn't feel good...

The feet that took me towards you,

they can not walk any further

The hands that emotionally held you,

they can no longer feel you

I am numb...

I am dead...

Yes, it was painless...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Sucks to be you"

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