'07 Entitled



"So, there they rest, inhumed under years of pulverized bones and windy sand
Lived they did, but eventually murdered by someone's fiendish or allied hand
Stronger, faster, smarter and loss of maturity, ruining what was once sublime
'Remarks that could have been situated, no longer consuming his or her time'
Believed 'they' were last of this once was a high spirited and well off society

"Nah Nah Baby Nothing. Give me that club, 'cause I'm wearing the pants...!"

Oh yes, and what a perfidious nation of a mockery this place turned out to be
His, Hers, right or wrong; vigorously fought for their merited status and dignity
Nonsense rivalry, fighting for stupidity, standing their ground, just to be 'free'
All who stood, battled their way incapacitated for what was left of 'their land'
In the end, Man was slowly conquered, for Women were now in command..."

© David Joel Rodriguez

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