'07 My Blanket


A dark cloud covered me, taking me away

whispered don't worry, it'll be okay

I followed its every thread of the way

not knowing who was next to betray

I never really thought I'd end up under a room

with one foiled window staring at the moon

Away from everyone as the night consumed

I was wondering where I got that mental tune

I created whatever lurked in my mind

Total darkness no matter how hard I tried

everyone I met never tasted the inside

All those who stayed by my side cried

I meant no harm to those who knew me

I was just scared to share my sob story

Even if I did open to a certain degree

It'd mean nothing, so you'd never believe

Sometimes that glowing sphere is all I have

It's the only thing that helps me shine as I nap

Every time I sleep I pray that my mind doesn't crack

Every time I wake I pray for just a smile or a laugh

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Seriously, take your meds.

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