'09 A Cold Heart Night


A Cold Heart Night

Neat... could not have chosen a better time!
Now I can actually start slicing you to pieces
I can start filleting with your mouth taped
You won't feel a thing I promise; it'll be fun

You have done nothing wrong, you'll be fine
But I still need you next to my other faces
Don't worry, it is going to be an awesome date
So whatever you do, please don't try to run

It's okay...shhh...stop...please, don't whine
Makes me nervous and my rage increases
So, how should I arrange my delicacy plate?
I know, I shall start with the "rule of thumb"

Easy does it, just like a carrot, now for brine
Next, the chest, just to see how it expresses
I can see your neck displaying a rapid rate
I have doses if you wish to be entirely numb

I have everything I need, just missing Thyme
When I am done, there will not be any traces
With mouth watering skin, it is really great
I know... I shall commence with your tongue

Pretty nice duck tape I should say, for this crime
Now all this gushing will splatter on all places
Quickly attend the thoracic aorta with my blade
Blood and tears as condiments for my wheat bun

Maybe I should try the Radial artery for my wine
Then allow my body to detect an ABG analysis
Your fading voice tells me you're no longer afraid
Don't whimper so much, I am just about done

Slowly prepared the healthy stew and went outside
A smoke, wine, deep breaths as my mind cleanses
A faceless corpse remains for my next masquerade
Fun how it begun, without thoughts of a loved one

©David Joel Rodriguez

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