'07 Crazy, For I Was He


So he was in a perennial heartless state,

causing all kinds of emotional scarring pain,

running away to his own kind of place.

You tried your best but he decided to hate.

That guy visited an old blemished heart.

looking through what used to be or what was,

Like a disregarded file cabinet that had been lost.

What caused him to go to that untouched part?

"memories of fights and rabid hatred

horrible malicious annoying moments

never caring if kinship was well spent

seperated sentiments; nothing to be said"

That is not who he is anymore,

but it's crazy who he used to be.

Living for his own care, being mean,

faking his way, knowing who's love he tore.

A shocking mental bolt rearranged his nerves.

Causing him years of painful misapprehension,

leaving those he thought he loved in frustration.

In the end, he eventually got what he deserved.

He never knew the meaning of the word feel;

failed to acknowledge when he was cared for.

Instead, he ran away and preferred to ignore,

ruining what could've been left of him to fulfill.

Where is he now? Probably amused with a new view,

finding himself in numerous situations alone,

discovering if it was real, how much life was thrown.

Right back at him; an emotional state of taboo.

When he finally crawls his long way back to normal,

he will touch and feel warmth for he never knew.

His heart, passionately beating in time, intuitive...true.

When he does make it back to this interesting world,

If he ever chose to share his sensation to a friend,

All his chambers would forever honor her wishes,

till death, would shower her with roses and kisses,

devote his soul, endearingly be her slave to the end.

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