'07 Imaginary Psycho Girlfriend


"You" put me in here and left me to die

all alone in a nutshell because of a woman

so many names, don't recall when it all began

I guess I'll just get used to this disarray...

I remember, I saw your eyes

Acting innocent again

now you cross a mad path

pretending you've nothing to say

what was that, tell me the lie

the one with your conjectured friend

ranting all the things he has

you sure do fake your way

your love for me is in disguise

wasting away with you; nothing to gain

you don't love me; to you, i'm just a pat on the back

i'm in your way everyday

next time you look, I should go and hide

away from you and your so called friend

just leave before everything goes blank

my love for you is disguised with hate

now I'm beginning to weap and frown

didn't tell you back then

when I took those pills with Crown

for you, it is now to late

I don't miss you by my side

you were a mind blowing pain in my head

conversing with the wind and with lonely laughs

don't know why, but I'm cutting you a break...

Do not know where I am, why?

I'm stuck on this uncomfortable bed

Don't, what are you people looking at

What are they trying to say?

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