'07 Nanoon Dreams


Late night timid sounds

Dreams of soft clouds

cushions never heard of

bouncy, delicate, so puff

where are my pillows

very nice dough though

flying in colorful comfort

all sizes enough to flirt

why do you think of her?

Which do you really prefer?

I landed on cotton again

but it was not my friend

lost on two brown coins

but a neighbor to join

four mountains of jell-o

saying to myself hell-oh

where am I going now?

two scoops of ice cream, wow!

I'll start at the cherries

which give sexual memories

where did I go then?

Why the large melons?

I like them soft

like there's never enough!

Oh, cool, balloons...

"David...good afternoon"

"Time to wake up Davy"

"Your hugging pillows like a baby"

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