'07 Specially Crafted

-Some Kind of Love



Your hair...how it shines so freely,
strands in front of your face so lovely;
beautiful face, structured with glow
and eyes so brilliantly colored;

Lively lashes can wave from afar

Floating my everything everwhere you are.
Oh how you squint, from rays of light...
glare as you hint, forever yours in delight
Rosy cheeks and spongy lips,
an impressive gestured smile;
exquisite aspects from nose to chin.
Your neck and shoulders,
silky, full, and tender.
Your arms and hands,
waiting to hold the right man.
Your sonsie ravishing body,
only for the right man to see;
legs, thighs, ankles, shins, and feet...
shaped to perfection, quite indeed...yet,

"How you stand when you are mad
How you frown when you are sad
How you sit when you watch tv and
How you look when you walk towards me

oh my when you say good bye at start of day

OH MY when you say Hi and end of day


I miss you when you are gone and

I miss you when you are asleep...

I miss you when something is wrong

and I miss you when I am a creep"


Laughs and tears we shared since the day we met,
faithful smiles shared through love making I'll bet.

Most of all when all else was pensively hard
you looked in my eyes and you proudly said
"I'm lovingly giving you, the key to my heart."


©David Joel Rodriguez

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