'07 Paperclip Heart


Sitting at my desk,

sweaty palms,

fingertips grasp gilded wire

suddenly forge to a shape,

a shape of affection,

really trying for round perfection

of course, it still had dents

it still had it's curves

it was given away

for others to see

it would later be found

inside or outside on the ground

typical for people to play with

another dent on the side

more scratches all around

All I realized from this paperclip tensed experience

what that in reallife, it had eventually made sense

When I passed it to a friend, I was a loved and forgotten gift

if I had one, I'd pass it to a special friend, I might've been loved

When I gave it to a loved one, I just became an ornament

You may be the one

that warms it up

enough to mold

the dents and curves.


when I gave you my heart

it would have been perfect

but not all hearts are...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

should have been deleted or never been written, but left it on here anyway

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