'08 On Another Piece of Sheet


So here I am in my room alone again

Everywhere and anywhere to begin

By the window, with paper and pencil

nice wind, many ideas, hope it ends well

Trying again to write something sad

Everything was good, didn't sound bad

suddenly began to cry all over the paper

smearing everything, so I wrote again later

Feeling emotional, I thought about love

perfect, all my heart was poured, sure was tough

By the window, the wind blew what I never could say

I guess all that love made it fly away

I lost focus once again, smoldering across the room

shortly, an idea began, was slowly coming in tune

I grab a pen, wasn't nice to write, apparently profound

I guess that's what it sounds like when I'm also down

I wrote and wrote and wrote about something

ink ran out, broke the pencil, mind reasoning

I reread my work smiling towards the end

then crumbled it, since it features hate I do intend...

"What a mess I've created in my way remains to be seen.

A Love? A Hate? But also, what lies in between...

an equilibrium, that frittering with it the wrong way

causes such dismay that many can't handle the weight."

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