'06 I Spotted Them

-Some Kind of Love

Late nights at the Pub

Drinks served with no rush

Friends gathered for fun

and the night had only begun

There she was like a suprise

working hard and in disguise

Little did I notice where the drinks were from

but like I said, the night had only begun

Rounds appeared left and right

of course, I didn't put up a fight

I drank away the night

while I noticed the pretty sight

never seen such beautiful concaves

and really, I had nothing to say

The night was young

but like I said, the night had only begun

After awhile my weakness testified

I could not help what I had eyed

There were dimples with a smile

which I definitely stared for a while

Yes, they are a splendid sight

especially for a person of my height

stolen kisses were a must

from dusk to dawn, dawn to dusk

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