'06 So You Say


A hard day at work

tired and sweaty with a white shirt

to many things on my mind

a solution I was to find

I really wanted to go home

get things done on my own

she passed my desk a few times

my head kept asking me why

A few times you called my phone

I said the radio was on

I said I was on my way

what did you want me to say

She sat on my desk

asked why I hadn't left

one thing led to another

smearing my dirty collar

Why did it have to happen

asking where I've been

asking why I hadn't called back

I told you I had a flat

you detected a smudge on my shirt

In an instant you were hurt

I had no answer to give you

thats when I knew

our relationship was threw.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

(I was listening to 'The Thunder Rolls' and this piece came out)

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