'06 Gone Now

-Some Kind of Love

I am now fading from you

To many months have gone by...

I had so much love for you

Just to think of you always was a sigh...

You never did want to really reconcile

simple arguments became a succession

I tried to get you, to keep you, stand trial

if I made efforts, you'd pay no attention.

I tried not to tease you

You would insist on holding me

but I wasn't quite the same

Many reasons why I couldn't please you

still I insisted on holding you

to this or any future day

it will never be the same.

(I feel that you'll be looking for me

when I'm not there anymore.)

If you even bother to find me,

with someone,

your selfishness will hate me, i know,

and know what it feels like

to want someone

finding out you can't get them anymore.

Didn't you know that what you're doing isn't fair

Didn't you realize that I wouldn't always be there

Remember, our past intimate love session

put together our greatest creation

Yes, you will see me without a doubt every other day

You know there won't be much to say, but

to have met you was my life's favorite part

so don't worry, you'll always be in my heart.

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