'07 An Ordinary Advance


Well, more days alone far from everyone

troubled with nobody's help on what's begun

I hate it when this happens

I'm prone to these love scams

I can never do anything right

If I try to fix, they always fight

I always end up walking home alone, I don't run

I always get the bad tone, then it's done

They find and leave me with an unfinished interview

always, like I did something wrong and quickly, it's through

So I go about my business thinking about you

again wondering what went wrong looking for a clue

Am I always at fault though you walked away from me?

But I still allow my mind to linger, waiting to disagree

I don't cause it, as far as I know

She never plans it, as far as relationships go

So I met you

now, I must find a way to forget you

If I can't stop thinking about you

I'll smile for the last time what we'd been through

I finally arrive to my home

thinking all alone

tired to walk in, so I hide under, next to a tree

inquiring from my mind where she could be

I sense she won't be thinking of someone

but I'm sure she's alone thinking on her lawn

such things to happen when a person breaks

not properly mending simple mistakes

ending emotions alone but with a need

hoping to recover what could've been

unfortunately, that route was not taken

unwanted feelings were released again

this time ending what in the past should have been fixed

could have talked about it during the subsist relationship

to late now, we have thrown each other away

never again giving each other the time or day

we gave them a chance to warp together

allowed them to flare even under nasty weather

But what we should've emphatically realized

our hearts departed, then again, inertly despised

Surely are things we will never forget

these were no obligations of kinship test

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