'05 The Bulb in My Room


Back and forth I roam this lively room

I can sit anywhere I want

All I wanted was for you to be happy

Everytime my head hurts the light flickers

Standing by the window thinking of you

Other lamps don't seem to matter

That special bulb is a part of me

It also holds a place for you when it's lit

Somewhere in this room is a certain hope

If it is not found, A love will disappear.

The problems we shared will fade

and the bulb will lose it's brightness

The navy blue walls have an interesting memory

The times we shared ourselves and your hands on the wall

The prints of your fingertips will remain, but

once that bulb loses it's light, that memory will know longer be seen

The light is holding us together, but

the bulb in my room will soon turn off.

You said we needed to talk.

I said there's nothing to talk about.

Why did you let me go so fast?

The bulb in my room is fading...

Till that day comes when you really leave.

My light will turn off and I will no longer be able to see you

I am distracted again by your presence

I hurt all over in an unwanted love zone

I could leave my room, and forget everything

Something always lingers through my path

It's over now, but I feel HAPPY and SAD when I see you

I whine and whine never to move on

Sooner or later I will leave this room and

sooner or later The bulb in my room will lose it's illumination

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