'05 A Soul of a Kind


The game began a long time ago.  Souls roaming the unnamed planet looking for something solid.  No known source of a supreme Form.  Souls of every kind were challenging each other without sight for a duel to conquer anything unheard of.  What was to be named of this planet was never a decision since no one could hear or touch.  How mind over matter evolved was never known. For every soul that existed had a mind. If there was no mind there was no soul, but some minds were vehement.  Obviously the weak remained the weak.  Only the strong survived, but what was there to survive for?.  Somewhere certain souls became stronger and wise.  Challenges were sought, but creativity prevailed.  There was a mind but it didn't mean you were smart.  Meaningless wars began but nobody seemed to go down. It was an all out afloats war. All kinds of material was used to attack for an unheard of throne.  Somewhat the battle of the wits.  A silly unknown genius blew a, at the time clean, substance which happened to be "dirt"  across a phenomenally wise mind and fell on a solid surface.  All sorts of bacteria and crystals formed an outer layer molding the soul.  A face appeared then hands, feet and the rest known now as the body.  To every souls astonishment, the soul became a supreme being and soon to be morally pure.  So now the question came?  The soul came from the planet in search of another way to live, not survive.  The form went about and floated with no way of interacting.  The "dirt" was touched by a smart mind, but touching it didn't aid much.  The mind used the dirt to help it grow causing a mold to distinguish what the soul looked like therefore coming up with the First Human Being.  Born above ground.  

(Same went with the animals and all sorts of so called stupified life.)

Unused dirt never becomes old.  Used dirt eventually served it's time. Dirt doesn't last long when it's used. It becomes fragile over the years. So when the soul moves out of the suit, the dirt goes back to where it came from now known as the Earth.  Get rid of or be rid of.  

Souls would become friends, but the skin will only remain a sole memory, the mortal "it" used to be. The mind and soul will still go on and look for another silly genius soul to try another life as they now it now hence Life After Death, for the body that is.  Old souls that have been around tend to change their lifestyle, but that's another story.  The souls that have behaved kept a certain love from another passing. This was bad.  This rare occassion got out of hand.  A to good to be true mate could be just that.  Having to grow old and decay together has you visiting again looking for your past "loved" one.  Depression followed around like baggage.  You will never find another one like it, that's for sure. The soul would luckily have to come back many many times (suicide) to be happy once again. Crazy!  Almost sounds like it's another wasted life.

As for intercourse, the outer covering is just a "cover up." Souls mate of course and to spice up the soul intimacy friction occurs.  Our personal parts are the only way to "get in" touch with one another.  "It's what's on the inside that counts."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wish I had a comment.  Besides, I don't follow.

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