'08 Forget Me Not


"Looking at a mirror shining everything!

it is all you, you that you praise after all

all the things you've given to represent...."

But what did you look for that slows you?

what do you feel that is holding you?

what is/has caused delay to your needs?

And I need nothing that has hurt me

My choices led me to these thoughts

taking me to what never will ever be

Sit alone never to beg for a certain feel

A psychological drain nobody would want

But a pain ceases to exist every single day

Where do I head with all this, this curse

A man puts themselves in this position

A vulnerable one to a life sustaining soul

Like inarticulate keyboards there we are

waiting when time will come for a kiss

waiting for dawn to share the warm love

But it was not a heart "she" was looking for

it was a fortune "she" was after, after all

a fortune that would never ever present.....

"A tell tale reflection of how I really felt

A shiny puddle of tears on the dead floor

ruffled, scattered, vaporizing in disgust."

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