'04 A Glass Who Isn't


Why is it that I AM like a broken window?

Everyday I feel a crack

I get molded to blend with my shield

I get cracked so much

I'm forgetting pieces of me

The bubbles are catching up

They are causing me to be missing

I was whole once

Then obstacles in life taught me a lesson

Began to get smeared


I may not be glass after all..

I am just a smudge on my winshield

A smudge very dearly close to a crack


Those lessons... yess...

The lessons with moral

I can feel,


but never deal with this...this flaw.

Like a broken winshield,

It's   --replaceable,

Like a broken Human,

I'm -ir   "          "

Sooner or later I'm going to shatter!

"You can see through (me)

But I won't be the same inside"


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