'04 Cukie* Dozen't Cooperate

Zee Cookies (R)

Late at night waiting for some.

It is offered so you beat on the drum.

Seconds later, no liquid, just dry.

Stop for moment not asking why,

Let it be known the work is not done...

You are aware of this venture quest

so you lick and taste, still not soaking wet

Begin something to soothe and tame the heart

You caress and nibble on a sensitive part

The time arrived building lust and sweat...

What is to happen if it happens again

Jelly goes well with Cukie, some recommend

Be patient with the person you're fucking with.

Ignore all the outcomes of these Cukie myths

Be fortunate to know she's just being a friend.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Normally, I DON'T use french, but I had to make a point.

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