'04 My Features Got Rid of Me


There is me

roaming free

want to see...

There I go

didn't you know

you were to slow

now here I am

hints of Nam

sounds of bam!

now I leave

with dirty deeds

no one to grieve

There is him

a second team

hits on head and limb

behind I say hello

down you go

you're still to slow

Two more me's to show

I'm the one to know

I am above and below

To the right a grenade

to the left I fade

and death is laid

And so I hide

showed face with pride

witnessed his life had been denied

So now I see

there will be more of me...

trying to defeat me,

So now you see

there is more of me...

trying to rule over me,

So now they see

there's only one of me...

trying to take over me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My mind is in constant battle to see who will be the next character "I" will portray. HA HA hA Ha.........hey!

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