'07 By The River+

-Some Kind of Love

"Every morning, my heart would beat and feel you

Still, I got down on my knees wondering what to do"

By the river, sat and cried alone on a cold rock

thinking of you savoring your favorite bock

thinking the wind still carried your scent

remembering the last words you said and meant

For some holy reason, you were taken away from me

For some reason, I was left all alone in this misery

I walk around breathing you, picturing your smile

I also walk around every step of our favorite mile

On this certain day of every year alone I walk

I will always remember the emotional shock

I decided to cross our gentle river

thinking that I heard your whisper

but the sound of the wind combined

with alot of you on my grieving mind

I really miss your soft voice

calm as the currents noise

Thought of the past but with a perceived vision

I saw you, but of course, was just an apparition

I wanted to feel you and touch you

Get the strength to know what to do

Get the strength to make this go away

The feeling of weakness and disarray

I shivered as you passionately appeared

Somehow brushing away my lonely fear

Just to have loved you answered my greatest wish

Now, all I can do, is dream as I watch you vanish

"I really love it when you give me chills out of the blue

whispering the last words you said and meant, 'I Love You'

Every night, my heart cries for you, but I really do know,

I still marvel how to deal every single day without you."

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