'10 The Book "My Book?" pt.2


The Book "My Book?" pt.2

The perpetrator was alone outside crying, "Its over, its through!"
He was next to a small fire holding crumbled paper and a hatchet
I didn't want to believe it, but I asked, "What happened this time?"
He added that he and his girl have been quite secretly depressed

 He said, "I'd been visiting your room to read your book, is that cool?"
Hmm...I nodded and said it was cool, for the sake of an argument
I asked, "Are those all the torn love letters you're burning...why?"
As I asked, my ample eyes began to orbit and saw 'her' undressed...

"I swore I envisioned his entire body, detonated...hmm,what a view;
Anything left of him was 'divested' in his psychedelic flame event"
I did not want to believe it but I should've known; He should die
He raped her off the headband, joint and the immaculate hinges

After I mentally disintegrated him, I wasn't convinced with the truth
What a sight it could have been, but did he need to destroy it to vent?
Through my love's beliefs, my book of truth held valuable insight
Through confused beliefs, the book lied, promising him happiness

"He mistreated a how to step by step tale for love as he read the book"
I told him there is no step by step how to fall in love, it just happens
The book told him how to feel, what you feel, and why you feel alive
In the end he didn't sense those dimensions and left me, book...less

I guess I smiled and he lived to love again, with a different point of view
He read love as a description and lost, cause he didn't fit the description
Curious, yet baffled by love's complexity; his read, read lies after awhile
Betrayed, he tortured and burned the book, relinquishing his first lesson:

"If you're too weak, seek strength before messing with it."

© David Joel Rodriguez

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