'07 Emotional Disappearance


Gently began to fade

Slowly revealing

scents of care

but I still hate

nothing seemed pleasing

the world wasn't fair

what was left to taste

I need reasoning

fake love i can't bare

real love is to late

I stopped believing

lost battles everywhere

please lead me to your gate

the height is deceiving

don't like it here anymore

like a heart when it breaks,

creating a gate; another fling

why should any care

Just end this terrible shake

don't like what I'm seeing

I'm trembling cold to your affairs

How much more can I take?

I'm frantically spinning!

I was heartfully tender.

Fooled on a first date...

loving, debating, hating...

A pair unaware without a prayer

I didn't see the mistake

not much you did bring

but others will beware...

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