'03 The Way 'I' Came...


Inserted onto the space that I stand.

My own self I wish to completely band.

The way I came, much...I don't remember.

No place in MY mind do I prefer.

Lurking forth and around is the way I came.

Walking in, in the middle of my own head game.

What is this place with no scenery?

It is a place I would rather not be.

Hold myself close together so I won't run away,

It's just a big loop that my mind and eyes display.

Turning back will not really matter.

Thus my mind is not ready to rediscover.

Yes, it's a place I've probl'y been through,

Just somehow my eyes opened without a clue.

Even if I knew this was from where I came,

Must be the place which holds head and heart-aching pain.


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