'03 Catching a Falling Star*

-Some Kind of Love

Walking the dark streets together and careful,

Enjoying a quiet gelid night; clear,dry, peaceful,

Staring at the unilluminated and lonely sky,

Pacing around the block; we're in no hurry,

Remember you're here with me, with no worry.

If you feel the slightest chill, gust, or breeze,

I'll give you my shirt and hold you closer to me

Making sure every part of you wont feel a freeze.

We have now reached the end and head back home,

The streets are still empty, seems we're here alone.

You look at the sky as you wish miles afar,

You tell me to look but I know what I've got

"Being with you is like holding a falling star,"

Just looking at you, my Star is right where you are.

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