'03 Not Really


Coming across a situation

-It is not my fault it comes out

-Though you are full a frustration

-It is just a conversation.

>Just forget what this was about.

>Where are we going anyway?

-We are going to drive around for a bit.

>I really don't feel like cruisin today.

-Well, we'll go to my house if that's okay?

>That's fine, just keep driving, I guess.

-What, now you're going to have a fit?

>No, I'm just under alot of stress.



-Can I have a kiss?

>Only if you take me home.

-I don't want to take you home.

>Ok, then lets go to your house...

>if you even want to be at your house.

-Not really... oops!

>Uuugh! you see!


Author's Notes/Comments: 

As I read over my poems, I read this one and realized that it's pointless. REMOVE!

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