'03 What kind of Life?


The life we live in is a game in a game.

It also could be a movie in a movie in a movie.

A soap opera?

Live the world that you laugh about.

Live the world that you're mad about.

Everything is one in the same.

No one knows what we've become.

All we know is that we live out of our own free will.

Do well, do well, do well.

This whole body thing could be just a living spell.

Talk with others, share your thoughts.

Simper; go ahead, you can also taunt.

What does it matter!

We are all factitious, figmented human organisms.

We can do anything our mind desires.

Enjoy the lifeless facsimile called mankind..

You only live once or twice.

Do your thing and go the distance.

No one would see you or even notice you.

You're on your own.

Now go see what you can find or

go find what you can't see.

Everyone's life is a riddle with multiple choices.

Choosing the correct answer

is like choosing the right path:

What kind of life do you have?




D)angerous or


F)#$% it!


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