'03 Ichor D

My body awakens as a dark vision.

My mind has begun to advance forward.

Not even I can stop my provision of power.

I can sense my own field of gravity.

I own!

I own all!

I need no introduction.

There goes my arm filled with intensity.

I can challenge the wind at armwrestling.

Go ahead, do your thing.

I will stop nature at its peak of destruction.


Now my legs of infinite potency.

Bring forth everything to my dispute,

Your mind will detonate with a mere thought.

I have power that has never been heard of.

I stand next to the world.

Supreme being of my sensational threshold.

As I grow, I seize the Earth like a fruit.

Behold, it is grasped;

will implode with my power assisted fingertips.

I see no precense of life anymore.

I have divided and conquered.

Now I rest inured.


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Greek Mythology

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