'03 The "Dirty" Significant Dollar


Is used to pay for things...

wasting it can create an emotional sting.

You can spend it on good cause.

Giving it to a stranger brings inner applause.

Floats around by wind, liquid, hand, and electronically,

hoping that it reaches it's distance faithfully,

accidentally or by miracle, can be found on the floor.

just don't use it to score with a two dollar whore.

Others may cry because they want more,

But for you, that's more than before.

Although you did find it in front of a convenience store,

it could be a collectible

After all, it's been almost all around the world;

inside all kinds of wallets,

all kinds of bets,

in cash registers,

on the hands of an entrepreneur,

probably making a legal transfer,

kept in an ashtray,

where the ashes might've tinctured it grey,

illegal purposes...hmm,

maybe it's fake..? launder?

but it won't stop you for you to take,

run over by cars,

has to be dirty by far,

Now this filthy bill is picked up by a stranger,

stranger gratefully hands it over for liqueur,

stolen from register in a robbery,

now that the bill is his to carry,

goes home and shares with family,

kids happily accept stolen reward,

kids will cheerfully spend dirty bill on a meal,

how happy he/she must feel,

nothing like dirty hands holding the feed,

not knowing when that "crispy" bill will be someone elses need,

it floats around and around,

just getting ready, again to be found.

Someone was on their way for another six pack,

prob'ly dropped it when getting their change back.

Now you found it.

It has something written,

"Message": then it says, if you write this on five or ten other bills, you will have good luck.

May be a bit surreal

Guess you don't have to do that since you found a buck.

So, you found it; few complain,

You never know, it might not happen again.

Someone's loss is your gain...


Author's Notes/Comments: 

$5's, $10', $20's, $50's, $100's whatever you find or whenever you find money, they're all dirty.

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