'07 Carefully Pricked


Carefully Pricked

'Here is the rose I was telling you about...
not much, but I really wanted you to have it
The petals, curvy, firm, soft and smooth
Just like you, as red as the heart can be...'

"geez, that's all you can offer me!"
"Is that all you can say?"
"Why do you have to be such a damn weirdo all the time?"
"Why don't you just say what you really need to say?"

'oh okay...'

"uuh okay? Is that all you know how to say, uh okay?"
"Why don't you open up like that stupid rose you're giving me?"
"jus gimme the damn thing!"
"prob'ly has more life than you'll ever have..."

...So, I finally snapped back to reality
So I had a premonition, perhaps wondering?
I had to pick one carefully
I just had a thought so, painfully
It was like the end of the stem was pointy
Then through the heart, penetrating
Sliding it out very slowly
Killing me with every prick, emotionally...

© David Joel Rodriguez

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