'06 Sad Cognition


Everything went well for the first couple of days

I began to see my reflections on my puddle of tears

It was safer when you stayed in the room locked from me

You never would talk to me to find out if I was worried

I loved you in every way possible

Happiness had turned on us becoming unstable

You decided to keep your distance one day

both of us had really nothing kind to say

A rage of uncontrollable events took "their" place

you avoided many strikes but still i remember your face

(I hated every moment what my mind had created

To lose you left me alone, everyday to be sedated)

Actions and heart felt emotions turned on me and my fantasy

now I lay thinking of you hoping that you rest in every way gently

I now see the meaning of my reflections on my puddle of tears

"They" were anger pains trying to come out giving me fears

waiting to change my life which succeded to a sad ending.

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