'02 Poet Interviews Love

-Some Kind of Love

Poet Interviews Love

The gift we were given came out by surprise

Real love exposed itself from realizing hate

Real love released itself thinking it was fate
As baffled as we became, we revealed its lies

So, if your head likes talking, you'll be fine in the end
You'll go nuts with repetitive nonsense and slurs
You'll burst overwhelmed with anxiety's silly curse
Writing, rambling your heart out because of "a friend:"

"...That's okay, I'll just live on alone

shedding sadness a little more

maybe I'll just meet another one
one who'll make me cry harder

I was about to cry because of you
but I think I'll just save my tears
for someone who really cares

this time, you wont be able to see

how broken I've become inside

damn those heavy eyes of mine

red and watery all over again
revealing my sadness to the world..."

Love can be seen by those that have felt its truth

Piece by piece you heal your own broken heart
Piece by piece you will realize love's work of art
Without knowledge, can be disastrous to a youth

Writing may not work but if you work, you'll get her
You feel it so it causes you to do the things you do
You feel it, so you write cause its your love's debut
Mindly, you write what your heart's about to uncover

Your heart and mind can generate such passion

Many a times you think you've found the right
Many a times it has left you thinking all night

Weak or strong, love can be without compassion

Carelessness will have you crying with the rain
Wondering why...where...or what went wrong
Hoping a station doesn't play "that" first song
Competing tears drop, being unable to maintain

My my, how love can disguise itself to hate

Destroying the "inner love" you barely met
Wondering if you'll ever live without regret
Still you write your pain trying to translate

You loved Love once and once sure was enough
The paper unveils your unbeknownst attributes
Simply just to test drive and challenge it's views
...Love loved you once and will never have enough

"Love will take advantage of your surrender with a simple leak
Hurting you with its false coincidences and its intuitive evilness
To think "that song" was played by accident, with finesse no less
It is destined to kick around, cunningly seek to destroy the weak..."

© David Joel Rodriguez

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Funny thing is that this is not even half of "its story..."

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