'02 Staring at a Sleeping Beauty+

-Some Kind of Love

Staring at a Sleeping Beauty

At the time feeling pleased, yet emotional,
Caused by her body's scented chemicals.
Watching her dormant gestures at peace,
Breathing comfortably, exhaling at ease.
Shivery caused as a light touch is exampled.
With no room, I'm content how you're sprawled.
A sudden movement may cause you to wake.
If you do wake, I'll hold back what may partake.
A single breath may cause you to quiver,
like a strong wind blowing a meek river.
Sexy skin exposed, though covered in poplin.
Though I must contemplate on your satin skin.
Pleasures fragrance worn for the excitement,
Yet, the scent, may have lead for contentment.

Back and forth she'll turn
more and more I'll yearn...

Staring at a sleeping beauty is my temptation.
Music set on low and on repeat for relaxation.
Admiring such a figure with beautiful ridges,
Like a dark night, pointing out the silhouettes.
Barely met with a mind full of past memorable images.
Not even close together though, felt an incandescence.
Also noticed the wavy succession of her tawny hair do,
Remembering a mark on her tender back like a tattoo.
Early in the morning she leaves home tomorrow,
Will not see her again and be left in sweet sorrow.
Last day with her and wearing unforgettable beige cotton;
Such a beauty will be gone forever though not forgotten.

©David Joel Rodriguez

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just look at her and write!

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