'02 For You...One more time+

-Some Kind of Love

You are over there

and I am over here.

I may be by myself,

but I still think of You.

It is always different

when I'm with You.

Scratching my head

playing with my hair...

just doesn't feel the same.

You have that touch,

which feels very comfortable,

like an unconditional love flame.

Every time You arrive,

You make me feel alive.

You...inspire ME!

Everything that has been said and done,

was said and done for You.

You set me atop of clouds,

Like in my own little world

where I can't be found.

Where have You been all this time?

Once again,

You numb my mind,

with a certain ring or

a sweet gentle chime,

and once again,

You, Your presence of love,

stimulates me to rhyme.

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