'02 Another World-


Look at your future reincarnation...........

   seems so complicated,

       just a blurry sight

              can't tell where to walk,

                   I'm floating in liquid...

                          everything is happening too fast.

                                    the suface is watery.

                             what is this plastic bubble?

                      can't I find my way back?

                 where did I come from?

             Where am I?

        I was just home a minute ago!

Where is everybody?

         I am all alone.

               It's bright, dark red in here,

                    where's the moon?

                          Where's the sun?

                                 Where are the stars?

                                     I want to hear some noise!

                               it's too quiet!

                        where is that light coming from?

                 who are all these people?

           Damn, it's bright out here!

What, Isn't that a placenta?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Went to sleep, passed away in his sleep, reincarnated, no memories were lost. No speech but sure did contemplate...

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