'10 Disappearing Ink


Disappearing Ink

The comfort has seemed to slowly disappear
Insufficient sleep with scattered thoughts
The pen flows, though writes of emptiness...

Maybe it's your voice I once genuinely need to hear
Giving a positive way out of this colorless wishful box
But my mind and pen have removed all the romance

The hand I used to hold is no longer available here
Helping Me get through life's tightest simple knots
Now I am alone, rationalizing that it was for the best

It's hard to think and process when things are so unclear
Might be the reason why our hearts didn't want to unlock
Living together with regrets leaving only an illogical guess

The ink smears, writing is unclear because of my tears
Maybe its just another log in the river I needed to cross
Physics started, maintained...Chemistry had no finesse

Yes, Yes, there was a time when our passion was so premier
And there was a time when our feelings had a precise Cause
Now there's nothing left for me, nothing my heart can digest

Maybe someday you will find The Rugged or The Insincere
Maybe with the next "dupe," you will be who they will toss
Leaving you victimized wondering how you got in this mess

As always, they go back to the fall guy for a shoulder, in fear
This time the anchor was raised, leaving your phony life in shock
Your fake obsession and needs will be left for others to detest

It'd be to easy to visually write what will happen to you my dear
I'll just conveniently allow life to swallow you whole, fail and rot
Without a blessing, leaving you depressed being my last request

© David Joel Rodriguez

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