‘18 Moisture in Disguise


“As I floated in front of you, ‘someone’ dragged me away to safety…”


“This slippery road lead me further away from you. Even in ‘deep thought,’ I found my way through the sludge. My head was pounding as I crawled till my strength declined. With every exhale, I managed to find a peace in a place I was unable to clearly see. In a limited cognitive state, I felt a deep crumble in my structure as my thoughts began to seek support of a beloved soul till my last and final breath…”


The thought of your touch enhanced a flow with a need for more.

Recalling the taste of our spark was that kiss we needed to explore.

(I stared at the sky, not knowing where I am)

only to realize that I’m heightened in a trance.

High above in the distance,

conflicted clouds prepared for a dance.

I relished my space for such gloominess would prompt a reminder…

a vivacious presence I felt, hindered perspectives as I pondered.

Yet, I did relate to the thickness and intensity of this moisture,

Regaining my balance, bringing forth a melancholy closure…

I heard your whispers accompanying my peaceful landing.

I couldn’t stop to think what the weather must go through…


"…Clashing with sudden temperature change; Natures’ mood swings every which way…a roaring thunder intensifies, whaling from the sky with tenebrous emotions…a sudden flick of electrical lust shivers my spine causing my arms to spread…"


I can hear you.

I can hear your warm whispers resonate in my ears.

I can feel you.

I can feel your pulse intertwined with mine.


I opened my eyes, envisioning a sense of tranquility,

A feel of lucid rain enhancing the silence of my symphony…

Winds continued, only to guide me through more sentimental precipitation,

feeling the warmth of an amorous conscience, comforting my admiration.


I heard you.

I felt you.


“I can see you now as the rain pinpoints your every curve, depicting your face. You were with me the entire time feeding me those memories you thought would dissipate… If or when I do wake, the storm will still be there. Intimately challenging and comparing my thoughts, conscious or unconscious. ‘A battle I can try to win.’ Yet in this thought process, you managed to sensually infiltrate my core causing a stir, an excitement, a complex friction, submerged from our thrilling sweat…”


Such an extraction from our skin combined a mixture of savory implosions.

Moistened southern lips quivered, demanding a thrive towards explosions.

Salivation rejoiced a behavior with intimate juices of a lovers glory;

Countless perspectives enhancing a detonation of your sanctuary.

Accepting a wholesome plunge, your hips choreographed my thunderous thrust…

A long awaited appetite, maneuvering to release your essence; delectably robust.

Unaware of the vigorous and passionate showers flourishing up ahead,

electricity generates a strength, fulfilling the adequate tasteful element.

Who would have thought the weather was going to be a pleasant satisfaction.

In a state of desire and slumber, I fought my way through, with your affection.

I felt a confusion, with memories of closeness and separation.

I could see you, yet your frequency appeared disoriented.

I wanted to touch you just one more time before time ran out.

I was given this one chance to feel you, but I was too far out.

I kept coming back and forth with a feeling as if the weather kept me alive, for awhile.

I looked at you and all you had to do was smile, or perhaps it was I again, that smiled.

I couldn’t help to think of all the sentimental pieces we put together.

All those ‘hidden instructions’ we shared, to know each other better.


“The thunder I felt inside was becoming thicker and more of an ache in my heart. With every breath I would take, I felt my pulse beginning to fade. I held your hand and began to cry with tears of anger as to why I was being taken away from you. I never meant to leave you all alone. I reach for solace with images of you. Moments of comfort and serenity, embraced with affectionate acts of titillating desire.”


(…I will never forget your lips on my face,

Guiding me through your passageway…)


My mind would wander only to not think of this fascinating pain.

Drained I’d become, wondering what else I could mentally paint.

Our hands apprehend, as the rain begins to flow.

This hole won’t condole my soul, eager for me to go.

I am holding on as much as I can.

Sadness sinks in, releasing your hand.

Though even in my passing, I left you with a smile

An everlasting love, keeping it clean, yet wild…


“As I float in front of you, you couldn’t see me anymore. I kissed your trail of tears and smiled looking at you.  You must have felt my presence as you looked down, then faced forward for that strand of hair to come forth in front of your face. Though at times refusing to cooperate, that moment was it’s time to shine. I wanted this to go on. These moments that visit my thoughts are triggered because everywhere I go, I see memories of places we've been.  The breeze that feel when I am around you is your scent as it nears me. Is it my happiness, yet my fear when you are no longer there.  It manages to linger after you leave, and of course, commonly faints with time when you're away. The distance that temporarily separates us only has a meaning after you're gone. A meaning becoming stronger with every ‘Heartfelt Goodbye.’ Your sweet and gentle scent seems to mist on the thread of pillows, soothing a calmness I’ve longed... Leaving me with thoughtful memories which only you can arouse when you are next to me.”



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