Like Father like Son

He got married three times.

So I have to get married three times.

He isn’t too good with commitments.

I try not to get committed with girls.

I run from it and hide

So it can’t find me.

“You can run but you can’t hide”

Is what it screams to me.

Have women you love waiting for you.

Waiting for you to say you are ready.

Some people wish they had it so easy with girls.

It’s like we both take advantage of it.

Following in his footsteps.

We wear the same size by the way.

Coincidence… hmmm.

John is smooth,



We got it all right.

John is a Coward,


Maybe we don’t have it all.

Rethink it.

I tell myself I’ll be different.

Rewrite a history where John commits.

There’s no such thing as a time machine write.

We have the same name so there’s no need.


It’s not too late to change.

Problem is John is stubborn.

Why do women love him?

Despite his flaws he is kind hearted.

He really does try.

He just falls under the curse of his father.

Like father like son.

Will the next generation ever break the last?

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