Isn’t sight such a beautiful thing.

A blessing they say.

Sometimes I envy the blind man.

Avoid the exterior at all costs.

Instant judgment based on the physical.

So typical.

Oh she’s pretty.

Look at her face.

Oh she’s a hoe.

Look at her clothes.

She’s so much more.

We’re so much more.

The physical is 1/10 of me.

The blind man only has to worry about the mental.

Beauty is fleeting.

Your sight can flee also.

Give me x ray vision to the mental.

The mind is so much more complex.

Not given enough credit or mention.

Overlooked and unappreciated.

A woman is more than a big ass.

A man is more than nice muscles.

But don’t get me wrong.

The human body is beautiful.

It’s art.

Gorgeous wrapping to the beautiful mind.

Created in God’s image

How can we not be gorgeous.

It’s like the icing to the cake.

Get past the icing to get to the middle.

Girl don’t try to be like a model.

Appreciate your own wrapping.

Wonderfully and perfectly made.

Flaws and all.



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