“The Master Mind”

You know who I think the best torturer is

The human mind.

Its knows exactly what you fear the most.

Using your imagination to twist and distort the truth.

It will use any tiny information as its proof.

Literally “The Mastermind”.

Craftily creating a false image that makes you furious,

Almost to the point of questions and becoming curious.

Like “Is it true” or “It is believable.”

Everybody has to relate to this.

Everybody has a mind.

How else could we classify people as sane and insane?

Some people have some things so crazy on their mind that they think they’re going insane?

Things that are completely fantasy and unfathomable.

Yet the “rational” human mind creates it.

Rationality creating false, impossible situations and worries

But can you without a doubt say it is false.

No because youre too scared to ask or investigate,

 Or your too busy overeating to it to be rational.

The greatest torturer to ever be formulated,

The human mind…



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