The words just flow.

Language is just so beautiful.

They can send chills down your spine.

Give you Goosebumps when it’s that real.

Or make that big vein in your forehead visible.

Make your blood pressure go through the roof.

Or literally have no effect on you at all.

It’s all about how you use them.

Not only that but where you place them.

How soon or how late.

Is it ever too late to say I love you?

Don’t say it too fast.

A sentence I mean.

Or you’ll appear nervous.

Or run out of breath.

Take it slow.

But don’t take forever to get it out or it’ll lose its meaning.

The right moment.

The right time.

You just know.

Don’t question it.

Do not over think it.

Let it be

And flow

Like flowetry….



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