I heard the song of a bird yesterday.

I’ve never heard anything so soothing.

Except her voice.

Bird seem so free.

They fly as they please.

Where ever they want to go.

But don’t they migrate?

Can’t they only go so high in the sky?

They need oxygen too.

Do you think they’d still be on earth if they could go where ever they want?

I wonder sometimes.

My mind leads me to things that aren’t normal.

We lose falling angels every day.

But nobody takes the time to think.

Everything is so superficial and cliché.

Very few thinkers.

We let technology think for us.

If we don’t know it we Google it.

We don’t want to take the time to read or explore the truth.

It’s deeper than the surface level.

Too scared to swim?


Not taught how to swim?


We don’t know the difference?

I can’t seem to decipher it.

I just want to fly like the birds.

Without the limits.

The sky can’t stop me.

My thought process seems to be in a different galaxy.

I have no idea where it came from.



All I do is think and use words.

When you become aware you become insane.

Nothing will ever be the same.

You can relate to everyone else

But no one can relate to you.



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