Here we are trying to right wrongs with wrongs.

Either supporting one extreme.

Never in the middle.

On the outside looking in.

That’s why you have no clue.

You have to be in the middle to understand.

You can’t relate to everything.

Stop trying to fit in.

I hate social media for this reason.

People do what’s popular.

People fake care.

You don’t actually want to go beyond the surface level on that issue.

If you don’t comment how others are people will judge you.

Is their judgment really that important to you?

You’d rather emulate

Than innovate.

Stuck in the ways of the world.

You box yourself in.

Expand your mind.

No I’m not talking about Friday or weed.

I’m talking about awareness.


Going deeper than your eyes can see.

Why do we fear what others think

But not what we think of ourselves?

Yes I care about what people think.

But way more about what I think.

I’d rather live hated than not do as I please.

I don’t want to hold myself back.

Life is more than it appears.

As humans we are naturally curious.

It’s up to you to explore.

You control where you go….

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