Free born

Quality of life possessed

Free birth

A high and noble lineage

Born upon this rare earth


Free soul

A spiritual piece of man

Regardless of how this world began


Free heart

The love of my choice

Never shall we be forced apart


Free will

Determination to succeed

All your dreams fulfilled


Free love

passionate attention one can give

Be proud to share

Be proud to live


Free mind

One's intentions, opinions and words

All three above, shall be heard


Free thought

A life's collective inspirations

That will continue to be taught


Free to read

Absorb the thoughts of others

Be it fact, fiction or creed


Free hand

Unrestricted freedom and authority

To express and understand


Free living

Our way of life

We freely indulge

And yet are not required to divulge


Shout it from the mountain tops

Shout it from the seas

Let the words flow from my lips

We are a country that is free





Author's Notes/Comments: 

I dedicate this poem to my son Gabriel Payne, my special "Thank You" to his service in the U.S. Army keeping everyone free!

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