Caught In Between(Frustration)

*Blue Eyed Girl/Green Eyed Girl*
In the middle of everything i once had
She had left to be what i never wanted to hear
Better yet never wanted to believe...
The tension between us, you'll never see both of us so mad
Its only between us but who am i to talk to, you'll just close your ears
How long has it been or will it last i'll never know i'll admit i wished she never had to leave
But at the same time i'm glad she did
Because i found someone who wasn't afraid to show me unlike you, you always wanted me of rid
If i ever stood up and shown her but instead i hid

*Green Eye Girl*
So in my only memory of her "I feel so stupid"
Was the only thing i ever had anything to do with her
Not that much younger than me
But everything I Believe God has every created and wanted the world to be
An Angel and i was too fucking stupid to show that i liked her
How stupid and simple is that to say? Der...
According to me its so hard to do...someone hit me with V8
I couldn't say it, i was afraid because of what might've happened in the future...
I'll never forgive myself for it because i waited too long and for that she had every right to hate
I'm such a fucking dumbass, can you imagine everything new you want to do and someone clinged on to you? i'm a loser..
So that is why it is said that me and her have never been a date.

So in this i say to you Blue Eyed Girl

How do i keep someone new when the you from your past screws it up?
I don't care if you think being risky is a way of having fun
I don't care if having sex is the only way you think holds a relationship
I don't care if i didn't mind you doing what you do, but its enough, i let you torture me, i'm done!
Seeing you upset breaks me but seeing you do what i never saw you before?
Might as well wear a sign that says worth less
Than nothing of such a mess
I couldn't stop believing the disgusting truth
But hell it was wasting my own youth
Fuck you, Fuck you, Fuck you, you fucking bitch!
Look at me know arguing with myself because i was too stupid to realize the girl of my past was a slut with an itch
The itch meant she couldn't stop having a man between her legs
The utter truth hurt but i could care less
That's the thing that i really hate!
I'm always the one that hears about everything late!
And yet she still doesn't know why i don't talk to her?

Because she was the only thing that inspired me to keep me on my feet and enjoy life being a normal person...
Without *blue eyed girl* i probably wouldn't have had so much fun being a heart wasn't broken
My will...thrown out, my inspiration
Turned to fucking damnation
You let me down...i looked up to you, my heart didn't break, something i thought i would never see at all worsen
And it taken away by the scum of what this world is, in its older children "Teenagers" Whores...
Not to mention drugs and regret kept what i never shared about her, why she was an easy target for whores and i was the lame ass bore
I knew she end up being in the lowest level possible, i never said it because i never wanted to believe it

So in my last words to you Blue Eyed Girl


Green Eyed Girl...
I'm sorry... I AM So sorry
If you ever find out, i never meant to hurt you, i just wanted you to understand
Everything else that i am offered in our nation land
I would give it all up, My career, my dream, its not there because my dream is you...<3

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Everyone knows what its like to met someone that wants you to be a better person, but never thought what you thought tough love was actually full on harassment...for being different so i matured.

I met the most amazing girl in my life and she left me because the girl from my past said i never cared about her(Green eyed girl)that was never true and i payed for it till *Blue eyed girl*'s friend told me, i blamed myself and it was my fault, and *Blue eyed girl* made her mark all because i never payed attention to her

This is my confession...My memories still hold(Green Eyed Girl) of which i'll never forget. But i never can Because of what(Blue Eyed Girl) did.

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