Eyes of the Beholder

Her eyes with affection, once were filled,

Until that passion, undying killed,

True love was lord, along with trust,

A pain worth writing, brought by lust.

This search for those lost, unworthy fears,

A wanderer’s path, broken by tears,

One woman alone, once so bold,

Now is secluded, quiet, cold.

Once a child, worldly obsession,

Led to a now, deadly depression,

This old dreamer, alone and lost,

Could never be worth quite the cost.

Her eyes, they seek, for true protection,

Hidden from this, complete rejection,

This lover's will, forgiven last,

Soon hatred still, never jealous past.

These tears behind complexion hide still,

Alone and shivering, silent, will,

She keeps inside, this burning time,

A yearning pain, this deadly rhyme.

Inside this broken, sad mirror's shade,

Alone its bleeding, dull rusted blade,

Shattered face, now displaced and done,

Beside these tears, more lost than won.

Her eyes, their lonesome battle remain,

Tonight, the victor loses the gain,

Untold to all, who held the cure,

Show what's seen, inside the mirror.

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